Small Business Center

Whether you own a small business or are thinking of starting one, we provide insights and information which you can put into practice – to ensure that your business and your legacy thrive and remain strong – now and into the future.  Or, if you are considering retirement, or passing your business onto your children, or selling your business, check out our unique Exit Strategies planning process.

Starting a New Business

Click here to request a copy of our "Starting a New Business" kit. This kit includes a variety of information highlighting issues you may face as a new business owner

Selecting a Business Entity

The type of entity you choose can either assist you as your business grows, or it can be an obstacle to future growth. Click here to request a copy of our "Choice of Entity" questionnaire. Review this and bring it with you to our first meeting. We can then work with you and your other planning professionals to decide if you should operate as a partnership, a limited liability company, or as a corporation.

Organizing Your Business Entity

If you have already met with your other planning professionals and have selected your type of business entity, fill out one of our questionnaires prior to our first meeting to assist us in the process of forming and organizing your entity. Click here to request our Incorporation Questionnaire and here for our LLC Questionnaire.

Protecting Your Business Entity

If you have already formed your business entity, we have developed an annual maintenance program to help you grow your business and protect your family.  This unique program helps ensure that your business entity is being used properly to protect your assets, by providing ongoing corporate maintenance, annual minutes, ongoing corporate resolutions and bylaws.

We also offer an annual strategy session with your CPA, financial advisor and any other strategic advisors to review the prior year, focus on key issues that can help you grow and protect your business and personal assets, and create an action plan for the current year.

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